Why do we Study ??

                      Okay, so why do we study? This question haunts every student throughout his/her school life. If anyone had thought that after school they’ll never have to worry about the answer. Well, they might have been woken up from a good life’s sleep. Because even in college too, students ask this question to themselves every day, more often than they did in school time.

                    I don’t think there is anything wrong in asking such a question, well you see the one thing that we are told since the time we could read and write is ‘Study’, ’Study’ and ‘Study’. And how it is told to us that we never really gather the courage to ask ‘why do we study?’ to our parents or our teachers. So it’s okay that people are so much inquisitive about this.

                  The answers that I have got after asking this question to a lot of people ranging from age 4 to 60 plus are varying and appropriate according to that person’s point of view.

                  Most of the answers were, ‘we study to earn money’, ‘we study to go to college’ (answered by those 5-6 years old kids), ‘we study to so that we have money to buy whatever we want’, ‘we study to go to office’, ‘we study to clear the exam’, ‘we study to go from one standard to another’, and so on.

                   I guess we all know all these answers as we all have thought the same at some point in our life. But over time, I have realized that studying doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to have a goal or to get something done. Firstly a study is done to enhance the knowledge that we have gained. It can be anything. It might be a simple A to Z letters for a kindergartener, a history lesson for school kids, a physics or an accounts chapter for a teenager or it might be a new coding skill that you are learning.

                    You have to study whatever you are learning so that you can keep up with the knowledge or else your brain would just be like a bin (mind you do not think ‘dustbin’) where you go on putting things every day and one day when you want to use or recollect the knowledge it may take forever to get hold of that particular lesson or skill. So we learn to get knowledge and we study that knowledge so we can learn somethings on our own and expand our mind with a particular subject.

                  Studying is basically practicing. Also, even after knowing various things you can get better at it only by studying it further. For example, in engineering college we have to do mini projects, we know the components, their name, and basic working but when we are building a project we need to study each component neatly so that the project gets implemented without any errors.

                This goes in daily aspects of our lives too. Even our moms study a recipe carefully before making a new dish, our teachers study our syllabus so that they can teach us within the stipulated time. We study a place via whatever means available (google, or by asking people) before going there for the first time.

               So, all in all, study of something or be it anything is needed to get more knowledge. To know more than we know and to use it correctly. The Human brain is thirsty for knowledge and by studying we just feed it well. So from now on, I hope you guys have fun while studying.