Welcome to edubuds.com!!!

Hey  you…!!! Yes you.. Welcome to the Edubuds group of engineers. You might have been a part of this journey called Engineering for past one , two , three years or you may have just joined now. And if you are from the Legendary Mumbai university then yes you need a good loud clap.. you’ll get to know why am I saying this. And if you are new to the Mumbai university’s engineering world here are some heads up.  

As you know there’s no yearly pattern now as it was in 10th and 12th.

Here we have the Semester pattern.. and the one’s already in engineering will know the saying which goes like “ Don’t lose hope come what may.. ‘cause after every December there is always May”.

You may think each semester is of 6 months… but No the  semester is hardly for 4 months considering the actual time students attend the college.

Then You have lectures, practicals, write-ups, workshops (Only for first year’s), mass bunking (yeah if you have unity in your class this Herculean task gets completed ) , sports , submissions (the time when attendance is 100 % ) and the much awaited festivals ( different days). All these things are same like the normal colleges but Hey didn’t I tell you that you needed an applaud for studying in Mumbai university..  here is the reason , the last and most important part (call it a task if you want to ) you have to go complete is the EXAMS. All students should actually start the slogan for winter as “December is coming “ and for summer “May is coming “ funny right ?? I know ! But it is true Mumbai university’s engineering exams go on for like a month. And you do get a PL (Preparatory leave ) too.

So now for exams there are students who study from the start , some might start in middle, some in the end. In whichever category you come the main motive for all is same and that is  Passing the exam with good marks.

So, as most of you know during any studies you need a friend or a guide who helps you through your tough time . Edubuds is one such group of engineers where we are going to help you prepare for your engineering exams. Now, what’s the one thing you look for while starting your studies.. ?? No, you don’t need 10 reference books to get deep knowledge because Let’s be honest no one is actually going to read all those books right! Think a little more..

Yes you are right ! Mumbai University’s previous years question papers and if  you  get them all solved then It’s a cherry on the cake. And we have done exactly that. By going through many reference books we have made super easy solutions for you to understand and learn it in easy way . So, go on give our site a chance and get all the help that you need regarding your studies.

All the best !!!