Student's Guide In Lockdown

I hope all are in good health physically as well as mentally. Now as we all know that we will have to live with coronavirus around us, many things are changing accordingly, be it the working of offices, our grocery shopping, teaching, school or college exams, and their results and so on. As an online educational platform, we are more concerned with students and studies. Without a further do, we’ll get to the main point. 

So, the first thing during this lockdown time which I have observed is that the students have given hopes on are their studies. Yeah you guys know it well, it’s been many days since you last opened your textbook or even thought about it. We know from the recent news that the state government and Mumbai University is going to conduct the last semester’s exams probably at the end of July. So as you see, there’s not much time left. So, what we would suggest is take some time (2-3 days are enough) to get your head around the things that were happening before the pandemic. Yeah right, you were supposed to do your submissions and the final exam. Well, we don’t know exactly how the submission and viva part is going to get executed. Still, the final exam will surely be there. 

Below are some ways and things that students can do, which will help them.

  1. Preparing for the final exam: Sit for ten minutes and try to remember the time before the lockdown. Focus on your study part, lectures (if you have bunked too many, go for practicals). Now that you are familiar with your academic environment, start by making a proper schedule for the day. Make your mind to think about the study plan. Even if you fail at it for the beginning days, don’t give up. Keep trying. 
  2. Now for the actual preparation, you need two things first. The syllabus and the previous year question papers. Get the syllabus and previous year question papers. (
  3. Get started with the subjects that you thought were easy for you. Because you know you are doing some learning after a long gap. Well, in this case, the time didn’t matter but, the stress and fear of the virus drained everyone’s energy. So, better start with easy subjects.
  4. Till July, we all will be in lockdown so you don’t have to study for 24 hrs straight, (I know what you are thinking, 24 hrs really, is this writer a mad person?). What I am trying to say here is along with studying you can use your time in some other things too. Things that will surely help you after your graduation. This goes for the freshers or the second and third-year students too.
  5. Extra skill learning: Learn a new skill. (This could be like the 1000th time you’ve heard this during lockdown). But, believe me, it is important. And remember nothing I mean nothing that we learn will ever get wasted, it will help you in some or other point in your life. Here, skill meaning some technical skill. Learn a new coding language, learn a new language to speak, you never know how it might help you in the future, learn about new tools, or the old ones like Autocad and Matlab that you used for like just 10-15 hrs in for your syllabus.
  6. For the students who are not going to look for a job directly after graduation, and are aiming for competitive exams such as GATE, CAT, CET even GRE for studying abroad. Well, guys, this is your chance, you won’t get such a time which you could devote entirely to the things that matter to you. Make a schedule, Follow it, even when you fail to follow it, do not get disappointed just try for the next day. Study and Work hard in these times and you’ll celebrate it with great satisfaction.
  7. Also, many students would like to go for the Indian government jobs or the jobs in the Banking sector. Well, to these students i’ll say that the earlier you start, the earlier you’ll be able to crack those tough exams. Yes, you read that right, these exams are tough, but then the perks of the government jobs are good too. Inidancompetitative exams has a lot of competition (credit to the high population). So your level of preaparetion needs to be up to that level too. Along with your final semester’s exam, students can also start preparing for these exams. 
  8. Entrepreneuring: I know seems little hard to read. It means becoming your own boss. Well, many of you’ll be having ideas for something. Some might wanna start blogging, vlogging, some might wanna change their career entirely, some might wanna start their startup. Well, you have the time right now. Just foucs your energy into the things that you want to do. But, do not forget to study for the exams. I know you might feel that this is an ironical statement. But, better finish the things that you have started right?. Work on your ideas, so that when you are done with the exams you can give you 100% on it.

In the end, I’ll just say that whatever that you want to do whether it is studying, learning a new skill, do it for yourself and do it with great dedication, and most importantly do it because you want to.