Living With CORONA, "The Virus..!"

                    Nowadays, if you get a call from anybody and if you are not talking about the coronavirus, are you even living on earth?? COVID-19 more commonly known as the ‘coronavirus’, has entangled our lives into a trap, which is getting more and more complicated to let all of us out. Now, I believe everyone knows what Coronavirus is. Yes, It is a respiratory virus infection disease that infects the human respiratory tracts. The first of many questions that come in our mind related to COVID-19 is, how does it spread?

The main ways in which this disease spreads are:

1) Contact, may be direct or indirect.

2) Droplet spray from an already infected person via short – range transmission.

3) Long-range airborne transmission.

After the ‘disease spread question’ we think about the symptoms. What are the symptoms of this disease?

The main general symptoms of COVID-19 observed in number of infected patients are:

1)  Cough and cold

2) Fever

3)  Dry or sore throat

4) Headaches

                      Then the immediate question that comes into our mind after the symptoms are


           The first and most effective way to be prevented from COVID-19 is to follow social distancing. Though it is hard at first, we need to do it as properly as we can.

           Maintain at least a meter or one and a half meters of distance between yourself and any person infected from the disease. Though this distance criterion is not for healthy people (People with no symptoms) still its better to be prevented than go through the cure.

           Yeah, I know many people will disagree that we cannot maintain a long-distance within a house which barely accommodates 5 people, but we have to I mean we really have to try. There are other ways through which we can get this done.

          Using sanitizers and washing our hands from time to time, not just when you feel that you need to. Washing hands should become a part of our daily behavior, like how we don’t forget to drink water after eating, yeah just the same.

                    Now ‘living with CORONA’ yeah you read it right. We are and we’ll have to live with this disease till the time everything goes back to normal. Even after going to our normal life, we’ll have to maintain these preventive practices. Maybe the new ’normal’ will benefit us all the human race in the long run. So why not prepare our mind for that. People are living in lockdown. We can’t go out. every time you think that ‘Oh no, I can’t take this anymore, let just let me out’, think this way –‘This is important and this is necessary, I will not let my life or that of my family member’ lives to suffer’. And trust me this works. For firsts, we love our family more than ourselves and we want to protect them, so why not take preventions. Every person starts thinking like this and the no. of cases might drop lower day by day.

                    Now, another important part of living with corona, basically living in a lockdown is people are getting stressed. It’s perfectly normal actually. Because you see, we were not used to such situations, as being locked down in our houses, and working from home, it’s NEW to us humans right! Maintaining good mental health at such times is kind of hard work, but it’s important too. We need to keep our mind and body busy, (Not with all the OVERTHINKING) with activities. You can practice many things that you wanted to do for a long time but didn’t have much time. Well, now you have it and go for it, JUST DO IT. Do that course, Read that book, Make that dish, Call that old friend, Get lost into old conversations, Do whatever you feel like which is good for your mental peace.

                    Again back to maintaining social distancing where we are living, I mean to say our buildings and apartment. I know not everyone’s living in 5-6 bedrooms, where one can just sit in one room if feeling a bit under the weather. Most of the people live in buildings where the houses are not a distance of more than one meter. So we need to be more empathetic towards people in this lockdown period.

                    Like, when someone’s not feeling well, or having a bit of cold, or a fever, the other people living around them do not have to be scared. Just let the person self isolate themselves so that they won’t come in your contact. We being scared by them will only make them more scared about their symptoms. And let’ be honest in this period of lockdown and social distancing being emotionally distant will make the situation worse. We need to have empathy for the people since that is what we need more than anything (well as much as the cure vaccine for COVID-19).

Now as we will have to live with coronavirus around us, there are many things that are changing accordingly, be it the working of offices, teaching, school or college exams and their results and so on. As an online educational platform, we are more concerned with students and the studies. Following below are some ways and things which will be helpful to the students.

  1. First thing during this lockdown time, the students have given hopes on are their studies. Yeah you know it, it’s been many days since you last opened your textbook or even thought about it. Now as we know that Mumbai University is going to conduct the last semester’s exams at the end of july. So as you see, there’s not much time left. So, what we would suggest is take some time (2-3 days are enough) get your head around the things that were happening the pandemic. Yeah right, you were supposed to do your submissions and the final exam.
  2. Once you get familier with your academic environment. Now start, preparing for the exam. Get the syllabus and previous year question papers. (Available on our site LINK).
  3. Get started with the subjects that you thought were easy for you. Because, you know you are doing some learning after a long gap. Well, in this case the time didn’t matter but, the stress and fear of the virus drained everyone’s energy. So, better start with easy subjects.
  4. Till July, we all will be in lockdown so you don’t have to study for 24 hrs straight, (I know what you are thinking, 24 hrs really, is this writer a mad person?). What I am trying to say here is along with studying you can use your time in some other things too. Things which will surely help you after your graduation. This goes for the freshers or the second and third year students too.
  5. Learn a new skill. (This could be like the 1000th time you’ve heard this during lockdown). But, believe me it is important. And remember nothing I mean literally nothing that we learn will ever get wasted, it will help you in some or other point in your life. Here, skill meaning some technical skill. Learn a new coding language, learn a new language to speak, you never know how it might help you in future, learn about new tools or the old ones like Autocad and Matlab that you used for like just 10-15 hrs in for your syllabus.
  6. For the students who are not going to look for a job directly after the graduation, and are aiming for competitive exams such as GATE, CAT, CET even GRE for studying abroad. Well, guys this is your chance, you won’t get such a time which you could devote entirely to the things that really matters to you. Make a schedule, Follow it, even when you fail to follow it, do not get disappointed just try for the next day. Study and Work hard in this time and you’ll celebrate it with great satisfaction.

In the end, I’ll just say that whatever that you want to do whether its studying, learning a new skill, do it for yourself and do it with great dedication and most importantly do it because you want to.