How to Prepare First Your First Campus Interview ?

          Many of the students after going into the last year of graduation the Hottest topic in discussions is the Campus recruitment. Which companies are coming, what are the packages they are offering, when are they coming and whatnot. Though recruiters come to your college, you are still a student and to get selected in the campus interview boosts up a student’s confidence. Before the interview, there is an aptitude test followed group discussion (not compulsory). Assuming a student would have cleared the above test will directly talk about the interview prepping part.  Given below are some key points to remember when appearing for your first campus interview. Hope this helps you and do share it with students who will be going for their first interview. 

1) Greetings:

          Firstly it’s a campus interview so it will be in your college only. You know the place where you are studying so 60% of nervousness should be gone by now. Secondly, what to say after entering the room. Well the interview might be in your college but for that day turn on all of the formal manners which you have been told from school days. Before entering the interview room,Knock on the door (office or mostly it’ll be in your practical labs) ask ‘May I come in?’ Enter only when permitted. Do not I repeat do not just go and sit on the chair directly. Ask ‘May I sit sir/madam’? See the time before entering so that you can decide on whether to say Good morning or Good afternoon. Maintain a pleasant smile on your face. Don’t keep stern expressions on your face.

2)Be Preparedfor the classic ‘Tell me about Yourself’ Question:

          Most of the times (99.99 out of 100) the interview is started with this question only. And it’s the most easiest question to answer because you know it’s about YOU. So, start with your name “My name is XYZ, I stay at ABC, (since you are a student no need to tell about your college, your semester even if you tell them then also it’s okay won’t matter much). If you have done some internship or have some extra course that you have done you can mention it also.

3) Know the company:

        Take out some basic information about the company that is recruiting. Company’s name, it’s current MD, CEO, it’s yearly turnover, Any current news about the company. Even if you are not interested in stock market (you should be though, its really good) read about the company’s stocks and share values.

4) When you don’t know the answer:

        The interviewer mostly ask questions about your own branch topics. Prepare them well. Do not mug it up but you should know the concepts so that you can explain them well. And if you do not know the answer, Do not panic. It’ okay if you don’t know the answer as long as you are not faking it. You should politely say that ‘Sir/madam, Sorry but I don’t know the answer for this question’. They will not punish you for not knowing the answer.

5) Eye contact:

        Maintain a soft eye contact(I mean ‘Soft’ because you cannot go staring in the interviewer’s eyes as if he’s done some crime, well that’s their job to stare at you and your movements during the whole interview) with the interviewer. If there are 3-4 people in the panel you don’t need to look into each and everyone’s eyes while answering the question. Just maintain an eye contact with the person who asked you the question. Do not feel intimidated. They are only humans. They are not going to eat you just be natural and normal.

6) HR Personal interview round:

        They will ask about your family, hobbies etc. Be careful while giving answers in this one coz you may get questions about your hobby. For e.g, if you say that singing is your hobby, they may ask you to sing a song. Don’t get afraid and start singing if that is actually your hobby. You won’t have to sing a whole song.  They might ask about the book you recently read if you have mentioned reading as a hobby. They might even ask about a movie that you recently watched, and if asked tell them the story in brief.

7) Last but not the least:

        It’s an interview so you’ll have to be prepared. It’s not like someone’s asked you to take a stroll in the garden. They are going to pay you for the work that you’ll be doing and for that you HAVE to try to give your 100% in convincing them that you are worthy of the job. Convince them with your knowledge and skills and do not plead. Also, try not to fidget because that is the first sign of a person’s nervousness. I mean yeah you’ll be nervous ad you should be a little, but don’t show it to people. Lastly, Remember this: Fake it till you Make it!  (but, only in terms of your nervousness though, your knowledge and skills should be top-notch.