5 Best Online Course learning platforms 2020 ​

Why choose the Online Learning Platform?

From two-decades, online learning platforms have become an innovation in student’s life  and a jumpstart for their new career. Online Courses platform is way easy than traditional education method. 

Why do we Study? Studying and learning new things is always dependent on our choice with our comfort zone and flexibility which is not possible with the traditional education method. 

Online learning platforms give you the flexibility to learn new things whenever you want and this is way cheaper than the traditional education method. The online learning method is totally worth the effort and it’s easy to resume it with your comfort.

Here are five online learning platforms that you can explore:

  • Skillshop
  • Cloud DevJam
  • LinkedIn Learning Ex Lynda
  • Udemy
  • Udacity.com

                        Skillshop is a Google training platform to upgrade your skillset with Google’s tools and solutions. It is an easy-to use training platform to enroll the learning path and take the associated courses with assessments to test your knowledge. As per your selected course, you’ll earn an achievement or a certification that will be displayed on your profile.

                           Cloud DevJam is a professional upskill platform for the latest in cloud technologies. Their knowledge of series multiple tracks, engaging learning activities like hackathons, multiple-choice questions, hands-on labs, webinars, and Google Cloud certifications. You can craft a new skill with the cloud and build your existing skillset by joining Cloud DevJam.

                            LinkedIn obtained Lynda a few years ago and transferred all content to its platform – LinkedIn Learning. This platform has high-quality courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced. LinkedIn Platform helps upskill your knowledge with a Certificate of Completion.

                            Udemy is a learning platform that provides you the content courses with development tools, they can upload videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, ZIP files, and live classes. Udemy offers courses with technical certification.

                            Udacity is a good platform to jumpstart for your career with learning and job opportunity. This platform is mostly known for the Nanodegree program. It is an innovative platform for learning and education.